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  • Our Physics Help section aims to provide a quick, simple and easy understanding of various topics of physics including physics for kids and higher level physics for physicists and scientists such as Quantum physics, Quantum Theory.
  • Quantum physics revolves around the Quantum Theory or Quantum mechanics. Quantum physics is only available at universities as high level physics.
  • The Unified Theory of Mathematical Physics or the Unified Field Theory is a high level branch of physics. The Unified Theory of Mathematical Physics or the Unified Field Theory attempts to explain the four fundamental forces in terms of one single unified force.
  • Particle physics is a branch of physics that deals with the study of particles that make up all atoms and their reactions. Particle physics is an abstract and advance level of physics.
  • Oscillators including simple harmonic oscillators store a fixed amount of total energy in two ways. The first type of energy of the simple harmonic oscillator is the kinetic energy (KE).
  • Below is a discussion of the speed of a transverse wave on a string as well as the formula for average wave speed and the wave speed of a transverse wave on a stretched string. A stretched string may be made to vibrate transversely or longitudinally.
  • A photon is a wave packet of energy such as in electromagnet radiation.
  • Physics for kids is by far the most exciting. Physics for kids is about exploring things around you, observing, and understanding. Physics for kids topics are designed to help kids learn physics as well as help them with their physics homework.
  • Below are some basic definitions in physics that you are likely to need or come across when studying physics at school.
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