Physics Formulas

Physics Formulas

In physics, formulas are used more often than in mathematics. Since in physics, it is all about the results of the physics experiments and the conclusions of physics projects, it is ok to use physics formulas to speed things up. Physics formulas for kids are as useful as physics formulas for advanced physics students and scientists. In contrast, the higher the level of math you study, the more important it is to derive theorems from the most basic principal. That means no quoting math formulas!


Physics formulas

Mathematicians are much more concerned about deriving formulas from the first principal every time and as much as possible. In physics, however, as with economics, chemistry, and other subjects, formulas are taken for granted as having already been proven. That means physics formulas, once established, can be used as much as possible to solve any physics problems.  

Overlap of physics formulas and math formulas

In many cases, especially school physics, some physics formulas are the same as math formulas found in math textbooks. That is because many areas of physics are closely related to math. Geometry, for example, contains many formulas of finding surface areas, areas, and volumes. All of these quantities are also measured and used widely in physics. Hence, they are not only math formulas, but also physics formulas.

Below are useful physics formulas to help you with your physics homework. More physics formulas will be added regularly. If you cannot find the physics formulas section you want, please use our contact form to tell us about it and we may just add those physics formulas to our Physics Formulas website next!