Physics Formulas

How to Calculate Speed

Below is a video showing how to calculate speed in physics. We are going to calculate average speed which is very useful in both math and physics. First let us define what speed is and discuss some basic properties of speed. The video below will show you exactly how to calculate speed, a scalar quantity.

What is speed?

Speed is the rate at which an object moves. Most people know speed as describing how fast an object moves. The average speed at which an object moves is given by a very simple speed formula which will be shown in the video below.

Unit of speed

The unit of speed is meters per second or kilometers per hour. You can technically measure speed in any number of ways such as miles per hour but measuring distance in miles is not a standard practice for calculating length or distance in physics or math. However, if you specify the unit of speed properly and correctly, you can effectively measure speed in miles per hour.

Speed is a scalar quantity

Unlike the velocity, speed is scalar not a vector. That means speed is non directional and you can measure speed without knowing the direction which the object is moving. Speed can be illustrated in the speed-time graph rather than the distance-time graph.

Video showing how to calculate speed